Changing For Someone?

There's this girl who I really like, we dated for a while and then we broke up. She never said that it was specifically to do with my weight because she's a lovely person and to be fair to her she gave it a fair shot and kissed the fat guy. She said I had a great personality and wanted to stay friends, and she actually seemed pretty sincere. But since then she's been distant and I feel a bit numb when we speak too. It's like we've forgotten that only a few weeks ago we we're excited to hear from one another.

I've not spoken to her about it, but I like her a lot and if getting her back means losing weight then I want to try at least. Do I bring it up with her? Do I go away and work my ass off and hope she's still there when I'm ready? I firmly believe that if something's worth fighting for then you fight. But how do you know you're fighting for something that's still there? Or do you just have to take a leap of faith?


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  • No, you should not bring it up with her. If you want to lose weight, do it for yourself.

    • I am doing it for myself. It's absolutely selfish. I want her in my life.

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  • take the leap of faith not because of her because you'll get some other nice girl or girls and what im getting is she found someone else thats why she's been distant.


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