How did you get out of the "friend zone"? Not that I really believe in friend zone, either you attract them or not or become friends?

Is it possible to change how a opposite sex friend sees you? What would they do if they become interested?

Also what did you do to change their mind or show interest in them?


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  • I had a crush on my best friend for years but here to find out he likes me to but I seem to keep him at a distance

    • Why, what is wrong with him?

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    • Probably but I will never let it happen because I can't lose him as a friend

    • Most girls want a lot of attention but I'm not like that I like to just go unnoticed I'm shy and I'm not ugly but a lot of people I can't be. my self around I love to laugh and listen and I'm not one who has to go out all the time I'm just happy being home watching movies and hanging out

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  • Unlike men, women see their male friends... As friends. Most women believe that men and women can be just friends.

    Most guys I know don't believe that men and women can be just fiends.


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  • There's not much you can do. If they see you as a friend that's really just it. Don't push it or honestly you could lose even that. If you think you have a chance keep at it and keep her as a friend. If not, keep her as a friend anyway and move on.

  • I opened the door and left.