Could he be waiting for me to say I love you?

I've been exclusively dating a much younger guy for about 3 months now. We always have a great time together doing a variety of things and see each other at least once a week sometimes 2-3 depending on our schedules. I've met many of his friends and colleagues and he's met some of mine.

reason I ask about "I love you" is bc after we have sex he immediately kisses and caresses me. We often just stare and smile at each other while this goes on. He will look at me intently at times and I get bashful bc I almost want to say it but think it's too early, I'm scared of being rejected or scaring him away and I'm just plain traditional. Thoughts?


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  • If you feel it then say it but don't expect him to say it back. He might not feel that way


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  • For some people it is really hard to mutter those words. If he won't tell you those words, it doesn't mean he has no feelings for you. It simply means that he's terrified of admitting them.