Do guys really like it when a girl ask them out? Should I go for it? Or let this opportunity pass?

So I'm very interested in a guy that comes to my job like every single day, and I think he might be interested too. I'm just so dam scared, afraid, stubborn to notice it while everyone else says the guy is indeed interested. Some friends, coworkers , family and my manager yes my manager have said for me to go for it. Simply ask the guy out to a movie. (I have a week) to do so. Lol OMG. Anyways I'm afraid of freaking rejection, he's a handsome guy and well I feel I don't know like I'm not his type. Maybe it's just me due to my past relationships, part me wants to say F*** it and go for it have that confidence but another part of me is afraid of the dam rejection :/ I never asked a guy out only like twice and I got rejected and I'm afraid lol. Honestly? Is it a good idea for the woman to ask the guy out? He has showed interest but I honestly have kind of a hard time like reading him >.< ugh! Anyways do you gents dig that when a woman ask you out? Even tho just as friends? For now haha thanks! I don't wanna make a fool out of myself. Xoxo Thanks once again :-)


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  • Guys usually get flattered when females ask them out. So sure, give it a try.