Girls, Do you think this something good to put in a letter to someone?

Been thinking of it for sometime, it's some of my thoughts lately. Seems like i would feel better if I let it out

When i first met you i seen you as a friend, and as time went on we became closer. Talking to each other like we've knew each other our whole lives. Then Something happened though, I said what was on my mind and in my heart, i have to accept you don't feel the same. I hate that you can't see me as a friend, I hate that you won't even say hello or look at me anymore and the way you leave me out and talk to everyone but me, and drive me away everyday with tears without realizing I am silently dying inside from a broken heart. Most of all i don't hate you not even close. I realize you can't just turn back time, sometimes you can't always get the dream house, but come awfully close, I wish you would see the person I really am


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  • very nice. listen man, as long as you're writing from your heart, no one, myself, or anyone here has the place to tell you whether or not it is good, because it comes from you.

    • Thanks for the advice

  • You can give this a try and see how she responds.

    • I want to but I think it's too much

    • I'll just leave it alone with a thought to myself, the reason she acts the way to me is because she truly likes me, even though she will likely ever admit, hell would have to freeze over.

  • My dream guy...

    • Trust me I wouldn't be your dream guy according to this girl I'm writing about, but thank you anyways