He says he doesn't like me, but is showing signs he does?

Maybe I'm over thinking it, but others around me have noticed, too.

In the past I liked this guy. I think he liked me too but it never developed probably due to an age thing (im the older one by a couple of years)
But we have eventually become really close friends, and I got over him. Recently a friend of mine, whos convinced he's into me, asked him through text if he liked me. He gave a rude answer, saying the age was the problem, and just the way he worded it hurt my feelings a bit. It lead to us having a one on one convo to clear the air. He told me he felt pressured by my friend and is why he said that comment but admitted to not having romantic feelings. So all is good with us.

HOWEVER, the next time I saw him, he acted super flirtatious and stood very close to me during a group hangout. My friends and other caught it and got a vibe he was into me. Which confused me when he just said he wasn't into me.

So my question is, do guys lie to their crush that they don't like them? Or do you think he lied to me, or is maybe more comfortable at the fact that the air is cleared and there's no romantic feelings between us?


What Guys Said 1

  • Yes and no. He seems to like you but doesn't want other people meddling in his private life. If you two are to date then he would rather pursue that goal without the gawking eyes of friends. Basically what happens between you and him is for you two to decide, free from outside influence.


What Girls Said 1

  • If he says he doesn't like you, you should stop pursuing it.