A co worker is sending off confusing signals is he being friendly or interested?

There's a guy a work with and we are both in our early 20's and this was the first proper conversation we have had and he was asking my age and was like oh your the same age as me your still quite young. He was asking about my future and seem interested. I told him I got into uni and he was surprised in a good way I think. He didn't mention anything about a girlfriend and the conversation keep going. He kept laughing at my jokes as well and after we chatted he started whistling a tune and seemed really happy. I don't want to mistake it for anything which is why I thought I would post on here. Any ideas? Oh I have not observed his behaviour with anyone else yet.


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  • Whistling is a good sign. It's like an "alright I talked to this cute girl". It's like an energy release for happiness. Source: My experience.


What Girls Said 1

  • I think he's interested in you, however I cannot be sure.