How do I get my guy to give me compliments?

I'm not fishing for compliments on a daily basis, but if I go out of my way to look cute, he should say something right?
We are a totally casual couple when it comes to fashion. Jeans, t-shirts hoodies etc. He's only seen me wear a dress once in our year long relationship. In a month, we are going on a weekend getaway and I thought I'd buy a cute dress to wear on our trip. I showed up at his house on Friday wearing it. He looked at me up and down but didn't say anything. The whole evening he's totally checking me out and smiling, but doesn't say anything. I finally asked him when we we're getting ready for bed what he thought... he still doesn't say I looked good or beautiful... he just says, didn't you see me checking you out all night?
Do I need to accept that that's his way of saying I'm hot? Non verbal and look for the visual lol. Or is there a way to tell him a girl sometimes wants to hear she's looking good.


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  • It wouldn't be crazy to just ask him that yeah, you did see him checking you out but that you'd appreciate if he actually voiced what he thought once in a while. That you'd appreciate verbal affirmation a whole bunch more.


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  • I know exactly how you feel, that's how my boyfriend is he never compliments me but you're right he should of at least said something that you looked beautiful or something I mean it makes you feel good right, but maybe that's just his way of saying you looked good.