My crush has a girlfriend how do I get over him?

I absolutely am not going to get in the middle of them because I am not a home wrecker. I just need to know how to get over him.


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  • It's tough but I recently had a couple friends help me through something similar

    • Agreed I have a sick feeling in my stomach and I want dark chocolate. Why is the dark chocolate always gone?

    • Dude I just made brownies 😂 Relationships suck but I'll never stop trying to find one

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  • Firstly if you have him on social media, delete or block him so you aren't confronted with seeing him when you're just relaxing. This is very important. Secondly, try to not be hard on yourself. It's going to take time to help you heal and get over him. It won't happen overnight. You'll have to be patient and let time run its course. This will definitely help and comfort yourself with this knowledge. Thirdly, be busy and take care of yourself. Go out with friends, work on your confidence and remember to be productive with your time. If you are productive with your time, you have less time to ponder about your crush.

    • Thank you that was very thoughtful of you to write that. I decided since I have no one to impress I will do what makes me happy. I remember how much I loved my red hair I had a while back so in about a week, I will be a ginger!

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