GUYS! How do I ask him out?

I've known this guy since I was in middle school. He and I are both fraternal twins and we both share an interest in music. I see him around my town often and we smile and talk and go about our business, but recently I've become more interested in him. I watched him preform with his bands over the weekend and over the performance we kept making eye contact and it felt like he was watching me and I was watching him. I would like to ask him out for a drink, but I am not sure exactly how to go about this. My plan was just to be very casual and ask him in person. Only problem is I either can go into where he works and chat (which I'm not sure what days he works exactly) or ask through Facebook. Any other suggestions?

*Note* When I was in a relationship in the past year, my boyfriend at the time and I went into the store where this guy works and I bought a shirt and left and after we left, my boyfriend was grilling me on how much this other guy was checking me out and how clear it was he liked me and if I liked him and if I didn't like him, why didn't I?

Not sure if this helps, but from what my ex told me, it seems like this guy likes me. Then again I'm not sure.



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  • "He and I are both fraternal twins" This part confuses me some. Since it kind of sounds like he's your twin. Though I'm wondering if you mean that you both have twin's. Though y'all aren't related.

    It's easy to ask someone out for a drink. You just say,"Hey I wanted to go to... for a drink and wanted to know if you wanted to come along."

    • Ahh yeah to clarify he and I both have a fraternal twin. He has a twin sister, I have a twin brother.

  • What? You want to date your twin?

  • Maybe get his number while chatting on Facebook and call him up

    • We've never actually spoken over Facebook. :/

    • Maybe you could start up a conversation about going to see his band over the weekend. Say how much you enjoyed it