If a guy doesn't like your pictures on social media, does it mean he is not interested?

So this guy is ny ultimate crush, it's been like two years since we first saw each other. We never talked and we have zero friends in common and we usually don't hang out at the same places. I eventually found out who he was because I saw him at a picture of the university football team so I added him on instagram and he followed back. I already liked a few of his pictures during the last months but he never liked any of mine, never. He looks a lot at me and when I try to make deep eye contact he just looks down but a tiny smile. Should I just forget about him? He does not make a single move.


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  • I don't know how many times I will have to say this. Internet likes means absolutely nothing and have absolutely no value. In a world where liking stuff on facebook may lead to free stuff, what is the value and meaning of a like?


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  • Not into social media I didn't know liking your pictures is a instant sign of interest. He seems shy and you are going to have be a little more aggressive in showing you like him so he feels comfortable getting out of his shell.

    • You are right, maybe to him is not a sign at all. So I am going to be more brave and actually find a way to approach him. I just have to lol

  • Ask him out, goddamn 2 years? lol hahahahahaha...
    I would have gone out 20 girls in 2 years... lol
    Ask him out or just forget about him... thats it...

    • Yeah, now that you put things like this... you are right lol I just thought that after me following him and liking his pictures he would already make a move. I should ask him in person right? Not on social media.

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    • Every girl will try to look the best to the man she loves and not for other guys, so if she does that when she is going to see you, yeah I would say yes. But that is not enough to say of it's true love you know, but it is a good sign.

    • Yeah babe,,, i asked many of my friends and they all said... maybe she doesn't love u... but if she is putting up her best effort to look sexy for u... u hold a very special place in her heart... and she sees u as a high value guy... so yeah... lol
      its been 2 months i havnt talked to that girl and now she uploads things like these on her instagram
      "he left her with a deep cut, never could it be healed..
      and then., many wounded their hearts to get her, but the scars kept her heart sealed"
      my friends are saying brah she is in love with u... and im like wtf? lol

  • He's just too shy , that doesn't mean he is not interested

    • Even after I was the one adding him and I liked several of his pictures, clearly showing interest, he not liking any of mine isn't a red flag?

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    • So why don't you approach him face to face?

    • That's my plan ☺

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