Likelihood of marrying HS sweetheart?

We've been off and on. My friend says he's flirty with other girls when I'm not around like one girl said he is her plan b husband if it doesn't work with her current boyfriend and he went along with it. I'm always more public with fb posting pictures and such. He doesn't say in a relationship but he doesn't say single either on fb. I work and he's still in college, he works, and he's very involved with his fraternity so we rarely see each other. All our family and old friends say things like "cutest couple ever", "you guys just have to have kids one day, cute, cute, cute" and stuff.


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  • Do not get married or have kids, PLEASE!
    I guarantee you the relationship will be over before too long, or it will continue to be a rocky and painful relationship.
    You've got plenty of reasonable suspicion about this guy between the fact that friends are telling you he's flirty behind your back, and it doesn't sound like he's doing much to really prove that he's 100% in it. You're both young and still growing up / figuring things out, it's highly unlikely that a relationship that's already been rocky / off and on, would last forever.

    Maybe things will work out, there's always that chance, but don't rush in to it any time soon!


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  • It's not very likely to be honest.