I like my friend's best friend should I pursue him?

I met my friend (Derek) through his roomate a few months ago. We are in the same major but he is a senior. We decided to work on a project together and ended up hooking up. Im not interested in him in that way and he said he wasn't looking to date so we just continued with the project. On Saint Pattys day we were working together and he invited me to his best friend Chad's place. Chad is also in the same major and we had met once before. We were drinking and hanging out and all the time Chad was flirting with me I wasn't being fully flirty with him because Derek was there and I was concerned about flirting with his best friend.
Derek has been acting a little weird since that day but his roomate said that there wasn't anything wrong.
I added Chad on Facebook but we haven't talked since. Would it be a bad idea to pursue Chad and send him the first message?


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  • It depends what your friend thinks of it. Cause its would suck for you two to be dating to make their friend ship awkward.

    • If he's okay with it should I initiate a conversation?

    • maybe tell the bff and then tell him you want to ask your friend if its not going to like mess their friendship up.

What Girls Said 1

  • Sure, I mean, why not?