What do I do if my crush's mom is really strict and we never get to spend anytime together?

I recently figured out that my crush likes me back (through him), but the problem is we never get to hangout together. When we told each other we liked each other we both agreed it is best to be friends first. Im 14 and he's 13. But we can't hangout alone because his mom is very strict, and I doubt even my parents would let me. But he isn't even aloud to hangout in a group when girls are there (including me) because his mom is extremely strict. The last time my friends and I hungout, he was invited but couldn't come because it was at a girl's house. He is only aloud to hangout when one of our friend's from his grade has people over, which rarely happens. I don't know how I am supposed to be able to hangout with him and become friends if we never see each other. I'm also worried we never will have any time together because I'm going to high school next year and he will be in eighth grade, and it will be even harder to get together. And I'm sure his mom won't like him hanging out with high schoolers.


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  • I say just wait it out. Honestly, 13 & 14 is too young. I wasn't allowed to date until I turned 16, and even then, it had to be supervised. I was so afraid of my parents that I didn't even date until I turned 18. Parents do become less strict as you get older. Just give it time. Communication and trust are key with parents. I hope this was helpful. :) Best wishes!


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  • don't lie about your age on your profile

  • you are lying on your gag account about your age.. not cool


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  • You're 14 and he's 13. Neither of you should be dating anyway.

    Just like you shouldn't be lying on the internet.