I am always afraid to open up and share my feelings?

And when it's too late it's too late. It makes me so freaking mad. Guys play games to me to get my attention I guess...

When someone is interested I am aloof. I didn't know how to flirt. I always had a bitch face, but that's changed. Especially losing someone who I could see us being pretty close, gave me a wake up call.

It makes me sad. Really really sad. I don't like this feeling... has anyone else gone through what I have?


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  • So are you say that you waited to long to tell a guy you liked him and ended up in his freindzone or are you talking about your freind?


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  • So, when you ignore guys, they want your attention and then when you give them attention, they leave?

    • I wasn't getting at that but that does happen too..