Guys, We had a talk and then he hasn't been online for days after? Why is he suddenly distant?

My guy friend and I have been flirting online ever since we became friends. Before that, when we were only acquaintances, I was in a relationship... but we got closer when I became single. It's always been pretty ambiguous what his feelings are towards me, because he is a shy and closed off person. He talks to me every day but only says so much. He's told me how he finds me attractive and thinks I'm cool, and we sext a lot too. However sometimes he is really distant and sort of "disappears." Recently we had a talk where I thought he was opening up and feeling comfortable, and now he hasn't been online for days, except a few minutes here and there... But I expected he would be talking more now, not less. Why would he be so distant? The first day he said he felt sick but he hasn't given any reasons since.


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  • Maybe he's nervous or is trying to think of a way to talk back to you? I think it could be a good thing!


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  • If a guy starts acting distant that usually indicates that he is losing interest.

    • He is back to talking to me a lot now again today. It's more like a pattern of him really paying a lot of attention and then very little... Back and forth. :/