How do I greater my chances of her saying yes?

I really don't want to ruin my chances with this girl. I've liked her since I was in 6th grade (college freshman now). I've only talked to her once recently. How do I go about asking her to hang out, not a date, just hang out. I'm not trying to rush into it. But yes at some point I'd like to date her.


What Girls Said 1

  • Don't be too pushy. Casually ask her what are her plans on /insert day of the week. Then proceed to ask her out.


What Guys Said 1

  • Listen bro... dont take friendship route to get into her pants... it will make u look weak.
    Just tell her, "hey i like u and i would like to hangout with u, so wen r u free to go out for coffee?"
    if she says ,,, lets do it some other time or im busy or anything except yes... just tell her.."hey figure out ur schedule, wen u will be free let me know"
    and then never contact her again... this is the best way to ask her a girl out...
    if she say yes... then go for the kiss on 1st date... dont be her male girlfriend.