Would you be mad if your BOYFRIEND?

My boyfriend and I work together and some nights we leave work at 10 pm at night. So tonight instead of walking me to my car at night he walked some other girl he didn’t even say goodbye to me or made sure I got home safe. I could have got mugged or robbed and he would not even know.

I asked him about it his EXCUSE “You left before me, We never say goodbye to each other at work, she hates walking to her car alone at night” I said so what am I chopped liver. Regardless if she hates walking alone I’m your gf” He said “ She has a Boyfriend so it not like that” I said that’s irrelevant I could careless is she had a man. People still cheat while in relationships. He said “If she was single I would not walk her to her car that inappropriate but she has a boyfriend plus her boyfriend is my friend so I don’t even view her like that. I said “ That’s not the point, The point is I’m your girlfriend and you NEVER walked me to my car or said BYE to me I should not have to ask you to walk me to my car you should want to make sure I’m safe.

I’m staring to think this relationship is more headaches then its worth.


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  • I can see where you are coming from. I think there was just a error in communication and he likely didn't know how badly you would want him to walk with you. I know this seems silly but some people really just don't think things through properly and i"m sure he didn't mean anything sinister with his behavior. Instead of getting mad, try to find a middle way and let him know you much you enjoy walking with him.

    • I agree with you. Communication is important and I could have gone about it a different way. It not so much me being mad, I was just hurt. Like you never do this for me but you do that for her.

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  • This guy is a douchebag, either he stopped caring for u or started to take u for granted.
    Start flirting with other dudes, u deserve better.

  • You sound like a very needy person. Real life sometimes gets in the way. He has a life outside of your relationship, not his whole world revolves around you. But if you can't handle that i would break up with him. You would be doing him a favor.

    • How is that needy?

    • You make a huge deal out of him not walking you to your car. Can you find it annoying and tell him. Sure, but if you feel like breaking up over this you obviously dont trust him. You are essentially saying. You didn't give me enough attention, now i am breaking up with you. I think that is clingy, needy and pathetic. If you so desperately want to be walked to your car you just tell him. He can't read your mind. You need to communicate in a relationship. If you can't even tell him what you want you shouldn't be in a relationship in the first place.

    • I didn't make a huge out of it. I just asked him why he does that for her and not me. Him walking her to her car has nothing to do about me trusting him. Its that fact that he did it for her when he never does it for me. Me contemplating breaking up with him was how he handle the situation and the multiple issues we have.

  • Are you a different personality type than the girl he walked?


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  • You have to calm down. Dial back the psycho killer girlfriend thing a few notches.

    It's highly unlikely that you would have been fully murdered in the five minutes between you leaving and him walking another girl to your car. You have a thoughtful boyfriend. You should appreciate the fact that he looks out for other people's safety.

    You're not the centre if the universe, Princess. He doesn't have to walk you to your car but he chooses to most of the time. A friend of his and a coworker of yours expressed a fear and he decided to help her.

  • You're being paranoid. So what if he walked with another chick? He's allowed to have friends. Just because you're together and you work together doesn't mean he has to be by your side 24/7.

    • Never said we had to be together 24/7(we dont). I dont think Im being paranoid Im just being jealous. He can have all the friends you want.

    • He just can't spend any time with them because you'll get jealous like you are now.