Do I tell my friend I love him?

We was once best friends so close then distended as time went on.
I got with his friends he got with mine (back in the day...)
we hooked up on 2 occasions after that... & I developeed close feelings for him but kept it hidden!
now he has a new girlfriend and we hooked up once since then. We aren't close like we used to be, but these feelings I've gained,, I knew deep down existed all along, but have suddenly surfaced for no reason... Do I tell him I like him even though he has a girlfriend & it changes nothing... Or I know it changes nothing. So just avoid him and pretend everything is normal... He's been with her a year but I cannot be his friend with how strong I feel... Help me... Honestly only!!!


What Guys Said 1

  • You fucked up by not being honest to him about how you felt about him in the beginning. Now you're suffering the consequences of your inaction. It's a hard lesson. Now you know why us old farts tell you young stupids to tell your crushes how you feel. Snooze you lose


What Girls Said 1

  • No. If he breaks up, tell him. Don't attempt to ruin his relationship.