I'm not his "type" but he says he still likes me?

My best friend & I moved our relationship to the next level a few weeks ago. We were strictly platonic friends for almost 3 years so we are already extremely close. Our friends and families or pretty much anyone that seen us interact with each other predicted we would end up together. With us being friends for so long I know the exact type of girls he's attracted to. Before we hooked up he would always say he prefers mixed girls & is rarely attracted to full black girls (im obviously not mixed). All of his exs/current flings are mixed. He says that he is attracted to me but I'm worried that he's just saying that to make me feel better. Should I be worried?


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  • Just because a guy prefers brunettes with big boobs, it doesn't necessarily mean that they would never be attracted to a blonde girl with small boobs. It doesn't work that way.