Boyfriend says he feels "numb", what can I do?

He says I'm the only one that can distress him but he says he feels numb - what can I do to help? He works 7 days a week and is pretty stressed.

i want to just kidnap him and take him to a beach for the arvo so he can relax but he's always got work! Or I could just cook him dinner one night? I don't know


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  • Did he say that he feels numb because of working every day or is that why you feel he said that? Just curious but either way it's going to be difficult because he's always got work!

    • That's just how I took it because after he said it he said I'm the only one that helps. This conversation started because I felt he was ignoring me but he went on to say that he's super busy at work

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    • Do you think if I went over one night and just cooked him simple spag and meatballs and make some mapel bacon cupcakes would be a good idea?

    • Yes, you are right:)

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  • Cook him dinner and give him a relaxing massage.


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  • If you're the only one who can distress him I'm not sure how you're going to be able to help.

  • Shoot him in the balls with a paintball gun.

    If he screams, it means he's cured!!!


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