Boyfriend going out without me?

My boyfriend went to the museum without me. He told me he was going to the museum while he was on the way there. We have not hung out with each other at all this week cause we both been busy. Everyone who’s going to the museum I know so he could have just bought me along its no big deal. That way we could spend the day together. He said “Its no big deal I’m hanging out with you later” I’m mad, I don’t see why he could not just bring me along. It’s not that serious.


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  • Every couple, I don't care Who it is, no Matter What His and Her History they share, @Sammy256, Need what I call "Space without His and Her Face."
    Perhaps with him being his own Busy Bee, he is trying to Divide up his Time, without giving you lame duck excuses of taking you for a Ride.
    Let it go, make some plans when you both find the time, and go together to This Museum or Another.
    And it would not hurt along the Love Line, to Suggest some 'Time' where perhaps he is able to tell you he would like to "Hang out" with his friends at Times or Just be Alone inside or outside his own Home.
    That Road also crosses both ways.
    Good luck. xx


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  • People need time to themselves.

    If he's seeing you later that day, you shouldn't be upset.


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  • He probably wanted to spend some time with his friends. There is nothing wrong with that.