Is there any hope?

I finally told my crush I was interested in him more than just as a friend, because I felt like he was interested too. He told me that he was very flattered but he was too busy for a relationship. And then right after that, he said he would think about it. He made it clear that there was no one else, but that he was just busy. And I already knew he was/is. He wouldn't tell me if he was interested in me or not, but I felt his answer was so vague. First he messaged saying he was too busy and then right afterwards he said he'd think about it. Is there any interest at all?

He's in med. school right now- so that's not a lie about being busy. . . fyi


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  • I guess he is nervous and doesn't know what to say. You look like you caught him off guard. But then again, if he was interested in you , there should have been a "Yes" with immediate effect. I feel the "busy" was a stall and then "I will think of it " because he didn't want to hurt you feelings with a NO. Dont give up hope, he could come bearing good news and besides , there are more guys out there. You would meet someone good.

  • First of all, I give you props for opening up! I think that takes some guts. Now about him being too busy, that doesn't really show if he's interested in you or not. Make sure he's not one of those guys that flirts with many females. Talk to him about it so you can get a definite answer. It's always best to know for sure rather than to be wondering. Good luck!!

  • he definitely has interest but just make sure he isn't playing with your feelings. but I would say flirt and talk to him often so he can see how great you are and maybe his thinking about it won't take too long.