Boyfriend ill and not communicating. Feel like he doesn't care & wants to shut me out. what do I do?

I haven't seen him in over 2 weeks. We've been talking, but not every day. He says he' been so ill. He thinks it's bronchitis. He went to the doctors, but couldn't be bothered to wait hours, so came back. He said he'll text me when he' back, but he didn't.

Two days later I asked him how he's been & feeling any better and he said "not really. still in bed, but better. Really hope you're ok, but I've been so ill & I'm useless. I'm really sorry."

I miss him & want to see him. He doesn't like people around him when he's sick. He was getting ill last time I saw him. he was run down. But not knowing when I'll see him again, & not speaking properly is driving me crazy.

Shall I give him space to recover, or straight out say when am I seeing you?


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  • I'm sorry that you are having trouble in your relationship.
    How long have you two been together?
    If it has been just for a short time, he could be trying to tell you that he is not that interested. However, he could also be just sick. I probably wouldn't want a person I've met 2 months ago to see me weak and lying in bed all day.
    If you've been together long, however, you should trust him. You are saying yourself, that he doesn't like people around him, when he is sick. Unless he gave you a reason to doubt him, don't.
    Give him reasonable time to recover (it shouldn't take more than a couple of weeks) and then try to see him.


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  • Give him some space. It certainly doesn't sound like bronchitis. It sounds worse. If anything ask him to go back and see the doctor this time. Granted, I HATE going to the doctor, but if I'm not well after 3 days, I either take medicine (if I recognize that it's just the flu or some other seasonal illness) or I see a doctor (usually if I've had a fever for a few days and medicine isn't lowering it).


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  • He's sick and being 100% clear about not feeling at his best, and you're feeling like he's the one who doesn't care?

    Call me crazy but it sounds like you're not in the slightest concerned with his poor-health. Give him time to recover before you get mad about him 'not speaking properly'. You do realize that, when people are sick, they're usually not in the best position to continue to make plans revolving around you, yeah?

  • It only 2 weeks. Let the guy recover. You can mention you'd like to see him for a little bit but if he says he'd rather continue to recooperate then give him another week