Is there a possibility of my friend *liking* me?

We're best friends and anti social, assholes that hate everyone. Match made in heaven, I know. No, but I'm literally one of his two only friends and I'm always there for him and he's told me how he's appreciates it and he's not a feely type. He's hardcore old school and old fashioned, which is nice. He's a senior and I'm a junior and next year he's going to a college that I'm really considering going to. He's said how he doesn't want a girlfriend until college cause he's too busy, and he's said he likes older women but I'm pretty sure he was just being weird. He's also told me if he didn't view me in a sisterly way, he'd be trying to get with me. Kinda hurt, but I think I can get out the sister zone. We've been there for each other when we've had relationship issues with other people and it was nice. A lot of people thought we were dating, and he jokingly introduced me to our friends as his girlfriend and talked about people that thought we were dating. Back to college, he told me that I should definitely go to the college he's going to and we'll rule the school with memes (we're those kind of people). And I told him he better come back here cause he can't leave me alone with these crap kids in our shithole city, of course he laughed and said he wouldn't then told me to go to his college. Long story short, is there maybe a possibility that in college we could date?


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  • There is. However, you should get out of the sister zone first. You should try being more... suggestive. Before I dated my ex, we used to be close friends and once he told me he saw me in a sister-like way.
    Yeah right... a sister he wanted to bang.


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  • its highly possible that there's not a chance you both can date in college because he sees you as a sister and cannot think about you in a girlfriend way i think. and about the older women part some guys are interested in older women.

  • i should definitely find my self a fellow antisocial little sister. oh yeah.


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