Dated a girl. Broke up. twice. Still love her and even she claims that she also does but never does anything which proves it. What should I do?

So we started dating two months ago and it was going good till recently she changed. Like she was understanding and humorous but suddenly she started acting weirdly. Stopped talking face to face but still claims to love me on social networking sites. Now I'm really really confused as to what should I do? Her reason for not talking face to face is that she goes blank when she sees me and also she starts stuttering and stammering. But what troubles me the most is the fact that recently a mutual friend of ours told me that she had mentioned that " I don't look good but still she loves me". What should I do? Please advice. Should I continue pursuing her or should i let her go? Also what I can I do to make the thing work.


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  • You should move on.


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  • If she isn't putting in any effort just let her go. It takes two people to make a relationship happen. It isn't you chasing her and putting in a shit ton of effort and her then saying you have put in enough effort you now deserve me and i will date you. That is some bullshit thing some girls have in their heads (some of them). Especially at your age