Any ideas for a nice gift after dating little time? Did you ever get/give one?

So I started seeing someone about 3 weeks ago. We connected right away and had an awsome time, but right now he is very stressed out because he has tons of work and also problems with his family... that is why I haven't really seen him the last week. We won't see each other the next week since I will be out of town... So I wanted to give him a gift that says "I care, I hope you can relax but I also do not want to pressure you into anything" (eg are we a couple now?). Any ideas? I already thought about some things but I will just leave it as an open question to get a wider poll of ideas ;) Any input (also what NOT to give ;) ) will be appreciated ;)


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  • whenever i am with a fairly new partner and something calls for gift-giving, i get them an assortment of small gifts.

    if i were you. id get him maybe some chocolate, other snacks, flowers, or cologne


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  • Nah, wouldn't worry about getting him anything.
    Just give him space, there's just a lot on his mind at this current time and he'll come around. Don't chase him. Play by ear.
    3 weeks isn't long and this guy has a lot of emotional baggage for you to be thinking like "let's be a couple". Time and patience is what he needs, but don't settle just for him yet, go on a few more harmless dates. Why not? This guy will come back around if he really wants to hit it off again and you'll have the choice to/not to.


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