Am I expecting too much at the three month mark?

My new boyfriend is great. We are really compatible in terms of interest, we always have fun together and have a great sex life. The only thing I find missing is that he has yet to surprise me with anything. I did surprise him for his bday but other than the first few dates he hasn't done any romantic gestures. We both broke part of my bed and it's been a few weeks and although he's mentioned fixing it and has ideas to fix it he has not done it yet. It's starting to upset me a bit. I'm not a gold digger and I don't expect him to buy me anything fancy or take me out somewhere expensive but isn't it true that if a guy really likes you he will want to do these things to make you happy? Am I just not giving it enough time? It's only been three months, is this too soon for these expectations I don't have much dating experience.


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  • Just slow it down a bit!

  • Its perfectly normal for a girl to feel that way, but no matter how much a guy loves u he just doesn't think about things like that lol... as for the bed have u asked him about it since the time it happened?

    • I've mentioned it about three times. He fixed it once but it broke again. Then since he's prob been over twice and he keeps forgetting to bring stuff to fix it. Should I be mad.

    • It depends do u feel like he's just being lazy about it or do u believe he's doing it accidentally?