I Think My Boyfriend Likes Someone Else? I feel like Im competing in my own relationship?

I have been thinking about breaking up with my Boyfriend. We been together for a month and all we do is argue. For a while we were doing well until I found out he was walking two girls to their car after work. I told him” You never walked me to my car and I’m your Girlfriend” He said “You never asked me to walk you to your car, plus you always leave before I do.” I said, “ I feel like your making excuses.” The reason I hate him walking those girls to their car so much is because they don’t like me. I would have NO problem if he walked a girl to their car as long as the girl didn’t dislike me. My past interactions with those girls have just been rude. I’m transferring stores because I don’t like that store and I’m over the drama.

Last Night we both were closing and so was one of the girls he walks to their car. He looked at me and said “She just asked me to walk her to her car. What should I do?” I looked at him like “Are you serious?” WE had a whole conversation about how I hate it and yet you still find the need to ask. I told him “its my last week we can all walk together”. He felt the walk to her car was so awkward because the girl and I both don’t like each other. He said, “You two were both rude to each other”. Then he said “She at least tried she said goodbye to you. I said, “I said goodbye to her as well, but my concern is why this is so important to you?” He said I’m friends with you both” “Can you at least say something nice about them?”

The fact that he’s so adamant about those girls is sickening and I question his feelings for them. He then said Lisa (One of those girls he walks) told him that she noticed that he only talks to certain people at work. People that he feel works hard and he ignore everyone else. I said that’s just nosey. How do you notice something like that about someone unless you’re watching him or her? He said, “You just don’t like her” I said “Me not liking her has nothing to do with it I just view it as nosy”


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  • I don't think there is a competition apart from the one you're playing alone. Simply because you don't like someone doesn't mean he has dislike them too. He hasn't done anything wrong from what you've described there.


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  • "We been together for a month and all we do is argue." This is probably a sign that you shouldn't be together. Good relationships shouldn't typically start off rocky.


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  • Do you want the truth or what you want to hear? I'm just making sure because I feel strongly that you're really, really not gonna like the truth.

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    • Break up with him. I know me and I will not get over this.

    • Sorry to hear that.

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  • I don't know I wouldn't like my boyfriend doing that and taking the other girl's side.