Am I reading too much into it?

Here's the deal, I'm 17 and he's 20. We'll start there because this seems to be the biggest problem for most people. He's only 3 years older than me and I'm going to be an adult in less than a year so I don't really see this as big of a problem. Second, this posses more of problem, he's my supervisor. My argument is that this job isn't anything either of us is planning on turning into a career its a part time job that is really just for money that we need more than a stepping stone into our future.

Ok now to the real question; Am I realing too much into this? When we first started workng together there wasn't much of anything. It was a busy time at work, and there were a lot of people working at the same time and I don't think either of us actually noticed eachother until a few weeks after we "knew" eachother. When work started slowing down they started scheduling smaller groups of people and work got a lot slower. At this point we started noticing eachother, mostly exchanging just a few words. We started talking more and started becoming playful, buging eachother about little things. On a slow day he came to the back where I was working and we spent most of the shift together just talking and hanging out. We started having inside jokes and now whenever we work shifts together he spends most of his time hanging out wherever I'm working that day. We talk about random things and make fun of eachother and I've noticed that he makes an effort to be around me as much as possible no matter what part of the work place I'm in, more than he does with other workers, without it being too noticable to others. And he always makes sure to say goodbye at the end of all his shifts, even waiting for me no get off of my shift to go say goodbye. But I can't tell if it means anything or if he's just being friendly. It feels like he's flirting, kind of like it did at the beginning of my last relasionship.

Advice needed


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  • its possible that he's starting to like you.

    • Do you think there is anything I can do to see if that's true? Or should I just let things run their course and see what happens? I just don't want to miss and opportunity.

    • just let things run and see, or if you want things to happen fast you can flirt with him and tell him that you like him and ask him that do you feel the same way about me.

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  • Based on what you said, his behavior sounds completely friendly towards you.