Girls, would you date any guy with your same height?

I dont know why but i have this fear in me that girls of my height (which is 5'9) would reject me coz they want someone taller then them..
I may sound silly but the first thing i notice about a girl is her height and if she is same as mine or even an inch shorter i would never want to approach her.
So do girls date guys who are same or even 1-2 inch taller or shorter then them? What preference do most girls give to their guys height?
I am 5'9 atm at age 20. I hope i will grow 2-3 inches within a next few years...


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  • shorter or same height that's doesn't bother me but I think he'll disturbing the majority of guy. Like in general they prefer short girls


Most Helpful Guy

  • HEIGHT is one of the first things a woman notices in a dude. its all biological..
    BUT u can compensate it with ur CONFIDENCE... because the no.1 thing a woman notices is confidence..
    But if u lack in confidence or u show weakness in confidence.. she will dump u and move on.
    However a guy who is tall can fuck up quite a bit in confidence department ,, u can say he has a better margin for error before a woman gets rid of him.

    • Soo do they notice height first or confidence first cause...

    • @iFarted Women notic both... but as i said..
      if u are super confident u can make up for height...
      but if ur tall and a less confident... u can skate by on ur height,,,
      if ur good looking and tall... then u can skate by even having less confidence...
      u have to compensate what u dont have.. confidence can compensate for ur looks and height.


What Girls Said 2

  • Id date someone shorter than me. Im 5'5 and a half.. But there's a lot of shorter attractive men out there. Inless your like a foot shorter, hieght means nothing in my opinion

  • I would. Though I'd prefer him to be a bit taller. Your height is good though, no worries.


What Guys Said 2

  • You are insecure at 5.9 imagine some men are shorter than you!

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    LOL funny.