Feel like I am wasting away?

Ok while my friends seem to be able to get girls and have sex. I seem to be the one who can't get neither, mind you I'm a virgin and no experience picking up on whether girls like me or not I feel like I'm wasting away. Then again I can't talk to a girl in a way to get her as a girlfriend.

Well I just don't know how to direct things to go romantically, plus it seems like I never have luck with women.

Well one example there is this girl I found out is single not from herself but through other means. I have no idea of what to do? While my friends would probably hit, I want to try and be more than that. I am just nervous to have sex and just haven't done it as well for religious purposes. I am looking for advice.

I'm a guy.


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  • Your a girl its easy to get laid!


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