Scared ofdating?

I'm not ready to date quite yet, but I'm scared for when I do. I'm scared if Ill be with a guy that will hit me... My dad does it to my mom, and I always hear fail stories about love and how complicated guys are. My friend is a perv, and he embarrasses, me, like the other day he was yelling out loud, how flat my butt was.. I cutt him off. I don't want to be his friend. It seems, like all males around, me are just horrible... Old ones, young ones, all except my brother in law, I hope I end up with a guy like him someday but I don't know.. Men seem terrible.

No mean comments or opinions please.


What Guys Said 1

  • Guys can be horrible but now that you've seen the bad things they do and know you deserve better than when you find it you'll know and won't be scared.


What Girls Said 1

  • well you have your reasons
    there are some decent guys out there but I don't know will you be lucky enough to find one or not, i dont wanna keep your hopes up. most of the guys i know are jerks too
    right now i dont have any close guy friend and im fine. i have fun my with my girl friends so i dont think im missing anything.
    surround yourself with people who respect you and know your worth. it's better to be alone than to end up with someone who doesn't respect you. i say you take your time and dont rush into anything. if it's meant to be it will be, no need to worry :)