Does he like me? Why would he ask me that? I need help?

So I know this guy for a some time now ( kindergarten then 6th grade, highschool and some college) he messages me on snapchat a lot and he recently asked me to rate his cousins. He told me to help him pick the cuter one. I didn't have a snapchat but he kept insisting for my snapchat and Twitter. Now I have him on Twitter, Facebook ( and Facebook messenger) Instagram, Snapchat and Musical. ly

legit words were: " Hey can you help me in something? -sends two guys pictures - I'm trying to find out who's cuter. Be honest?" I told him I didn't know them and he told me they were his cousins. So is he asking this to see if I tell him I like him? I'm so confused. We talk a lot on snapchat and we used to study together before class and he'd help me get studyguide answers and has shared them with me.
He teases me playfully sometimes as well.

What is his reason behind him asking me to see whIch cousin is cuter? Neither look like him. Anyone have a good idea why he's asking this?

Also I asked him why he wanted to know and he say " cuz"
"Lol" and then changed the topic


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  • That's a really bizarre way to see if you're interested in him. So bizarre that I can't see it. Did you ask if he's polling everyone he knows on this question or just you?

    • I haven't asked him but after I asked him why he asked ( I didn't answer who was "cuter" cuz they both aren't in comparison to him) he said "Cuz" " lol" and then switched the subject afterwards

  • Maybe he's saying it to gauge what you find attractive? Sounds like he's interested

  • he likes you