He always cancels on me, should I give him another chance?

So there's this guy I started talking with on Facebook. We had many mutual friends and he's living in my area, he asked me out after talking for a few days, I agreed and it went really well. We went out again two days later and we kissed but nothing more. He said he wanted to go out with me again soon, but every time we planned something he canceled it. That happened about four times, but it really seemed like he wanted to and every time he canceled he planned for another day. The last time he canceled I told him to stop messing around and let me know when he is finally available. He replied okay, and then we didn't talk for five days. He just asked me if I'm available on Wednesday, and I don't know what to do. I don't understand why he does this and what's really on his mind. I really like him though, what should I do?


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  • If you are available and you want to go then go BUT when u go out, ask him in what way is he going with you? What does he want with you? A "we" or just a messing around thing? And if he asks why just tell him what u've been thinking about. Dont leave it in you for a long time, if u keep it and u don't tell him then he will just assume everything is great and he won't realize if it upsets you ( thats if he actually cares) so yeah. Hope I helped, good luck 😊

  • Yes be available wed but tell him (half jokingly) that if he cancels again that's it.

    • bad idea. she should just go. your suggestion could create a trap for her. meaning, she she does as you suggest, he would simply go through with this, he might pull her heart strings, and could keep her in a loveless relationship. he'll know he's being tested, and will ACT accordingly. test him without alerting him.

    • @Sabretooth I disagree and think you might be seriously scarred from some past relationship to sound so bitter.

    • nope, just observant.