First date will be a double date?

I party with my friend and her coworkers a lot and my friend is always finding coworkers to hook me up with. I normally dont even give it a thought bc honestly I'd be lowering my standards by a shit ton! But this one guy i met at a party who was really cool asked my friend for my number and apparently always asks about me (once again, not a guy i would date in a million years) and we've decided we're going to the drive ins tomorrow night since we are all off. It'll be my friend, her boyfriend, the guy, and myself. I'm really like whatever about it. My friend kept telling me to give him a shot bc he's actually a nice guy, but I don't know. he's a gangster kind of dude. Likes that "hardcore" life. he's 5 years older. Am i already judging too much? I just am afraid i won't like him and he'll like me


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  • I would really tread carefully with this gym. I'm not stereotyping but if he's about the thug life and really can relate to any of lil' Wayne's songs, then he probably wants ur pushy not ur brain.

    • Ok good im not the only one thinking that.

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    • Where do i get pepper spray

    • Academy, walmart, police stores, maybe gun shops, Amazon

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  • Just take a deep breath, and be friendly. he may look mean but if he's into you he'll probably act like a big teddy bear