Can you date someone while having a crush on somebody else?

I started dating this guy cuz he's nice and so into me plus i am attracted to him physically too but i also hv a huge crush on a guy in my class who is kind of a friend of mine , he texts me a little and whenever i got a text from him my face led up..

But i can't make the move of telling my crush the truth.. so i decided to wait for him

But am also started dating this guy cuz there might be something there and i won't wait for my crush till forever

Am i doing the right thing here?

please no harsh comments am exteremly confused and dnt want to hurt this guy am dating

The guy am dating is not my boyfriend yet


What Guys Said 1

  • Yeah if you want. Your choice


What Girls Said 2

  • Not good not good. You either get over your crush or break up with your boyfriend.

    • he's not my boyfriend yet we just started to get to know each other but he calls them dates

    • Okay well clearly it seems like you like the other dewd and you're using your date incase things go wrong. stop leading him on and just go for your crush.

  • Happens all the time , If he's not your boyfriend not a problem. But if things are not progressing with the crush move on. Life to short.