Why does my boyfriend stay with me?

So this may sound a little weird but... Why does my boyfriend stay with me? Im 20 & he's 30, he has his own car ( mines is in the shop kinda indefinitely until I find a certain part ) he does live at home but it's because they need him to help out with bills etc. He has a job of course and he's just.. Him. I love him a lot. But compared to him I feel like a mess sometimes. I don't have a job, or even a car at the moment and I live at home. When I did have a job I did something HELLA stupid (shoplifting) and now it's on my record making it even harder to find a job for me now. Please don't judge I'm aware it's the absolute most stupid thing in the world I did , I get it. I'm going to community college and through the course of our relationship I've had 2 seasonal jobs. ( it's been a year ). But other than sex why does he stay? Compared to other females who have their s*** together I don't feel like I have much to offer. Like why choose me? Not that he ever makes me feel this way. He actually believes in me more than I do myself at times.


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  • You can not choose who you fall in love with all you know is you love them.
    Don't question why he loves you just except he does and sees more in you than you do yourself


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  • Maybe he likes you for you , And see the potential of who you can become.