My boyfriend of 10 months ditches me all the time for his guy friends. When you call him out on it he shuts down?

so I been dating this guy for over 10 months. When he wants to hang with his buddies he either starts a fight or just lies just to do what he wants. I'm not a clingy girlfriend I don't hound him when he goes out. But why does he lie and why does he get mad when I calmly call him out on his lies He will ignore me for whole day after I put my foot down. How should I react to this immature behavior?(What I meant by lying is making plans with me but then he looks for ways to fight so he doesn't have to hang out because he wants to chill with his buddies. I been dissed on my birthday but he spends time with his boys on their bday )


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  • Some guys just naturally have more interest in hanging with their buds. I am not defending him, I think he is missing out. But anyway, he probably likes having a girlfriend and all that, but just doesn't need you as much as you need him and actually he wants to spend more time with his male friends as they take priority over you. This is just how he is. He is trying to make everyone happy, including himself, but unfortunately you are being left out too often. There does come a point in time in any relationship where the SO is suppose to rank higher than even the best of friends. 10 months isn't quite there yet, so you might just have to be patient to let that further develop. If this trend continues or shows no signs of improving, you may need to really put your foot down.

    • Ok so what if he goes out with those guy friends to movies and bowling. But I offer to go somewhere fun at my expense he turns it down. I was friends with his friends at one point not anymore cause they stopped including me in their activities. All they do is drive around and smoke most of the time nothing special

    • Well, that doesn't sound like much of a relationship. Well, you can't make him. If you do it will only make things worse. I guess if he won't compromise to something you each can agree to it may be time to rethink everything!

  • its a childish approach... even worse when you have to go through it constantly. rather than "calling him out" why not just tell him that you don't care if he wants to hang with his buddies but it will be nice if he let you know ahead of time and also at some point, make some time for you too.
    women's hearts are usually in the right place but your approach to guys almost always just sucks and starts fights. seems like your boyfriend is using that to get out of hanging with you.
    keep a calm head, and just tell him what i just said like its some side comment and walk away or do something else. there isn't much more that guys hate than having to "talk about it" or "explain"... just speak your mind and leave us alone. you have done your piece.. we have heard you.
    after that, if the lies continue... well, you might have a real relationship issue.

    • This has been going on for over 6 months now sad to say. and the last time it happened was last night. So today he hasn't texted or called me at all. Because I nicely told him he didn't have to lie

    • And I've already told him Idc if he hangs out with his buddies. So many times we go over it. But he will make plans with me and then start an argument just so he doesn't have to follow through. I don't ask him to hang he volunteers then ditches me for his friends.

    • have you tried "hanging" with him and his friends? telling him you wana come with?

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  • If he constantly does it, you should reconsider the entire relationship.