How do I get over him?

So I met this kid like 7 months ago. I ended liking him a lot. He keeps telling me we will hang out and he always I mean always blows me off. We probably only hung out once. And the other day I found out he was on the phone with some girl while he was on aim with me telling this girl how annoying I am. But for some reason I keep falling back for him because in the end he's always like ohh I am sorry your go gorgeous. like what do I do? what do I do to get over him?


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  • I would say try avoiding him. I had the same problem I really liked this guy and every time he made plans with me, he blew me off at the last second. I stopped talking to him for a while. We're still friends but we're not as close as we were before. If he's talking behind your back about you that's even worse. No one deserves a guy who talks bad about them. He's not the perfect guy for you if he does. I say start hanging around a few different people or hand around other friends more often.


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    get over him, there is a million guys out there, that are nice, considerate, don't play mind games.

    There shouldn't be anything to get over, you were with him only once ! You feel you are not over him simply because he is the one not giving you the time of day and you feel left out.

    Think of it this way, *YOU* are forgetting him since he is an ass, not vice versa

    Cheers !


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  • Talk to someone else! ignore his a** for about.the rest of his life. He is just playing with your feelings. Trust me (my opinion)