Should I tell him I don't want to be exclusive?

I met a guy some time ago... He's sweet and nice, and he likes me. About 1 week ago I saw a text on his phone from a girl, then I got mad at him for it. Now he said he doesn't want to see other people because he likes me, and he wants to take me to hang out with his friends on Saturday. Thing is I don't want to be exclusive just yet. I am sleeping with him and I dont want him to be sleeping around nor will I. But I am open to going on dates, and I am ok if he goes on dates too. How do I say that to him without him loosing interest?


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  • If a girl was having sex with me but said she still wanted to go on dates with other guys but not have sex with them, I would not believe her. You two should have had this discussion before you started doing the horizontal mambo.

    • So basically you're telling me mot to tell him I wanna see orher people?

    • No, I'm saying you probably can't get what you want. If he does agree to it, he will be very reluctant and it will probably cause problems very quickly. So you may need to make a choice between him or dating other guys.

      Really, why didn't you have this discussion before you got naked together?

    • So I was seeing him, just out to get foid, one of the days we ended up at his place just hanging out... We ended up doing it. at that point it was supposed to be casual even thoigh he calls me babe. I am kind of not sure I am between him and this other guy i am seeing... There's no one else just the two.

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  • Simply mention to him that you're not ready for anything serious at this period of your life.