Girls who don't see sex as emotional and just as fun, troubled past or just the norm?

I'm dating this girl and she told me sex had never been emotional for her in the past and that changed with me. I know she slept around a lot in the past and that doesn't bother me cause the past is the past, but I stumbled upon notes she had made and in one of them it said childhood and therapist. Am I to assume that maybe she was molested and that's why she never valued sex or herself? Is this common?

  • Could be troubled past
  • Not the case
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  • How do you stumble upon her past childhood therapies?

    • She us a note pad on her desk, we usually use it to write stuff etc and when I went for a piece of paper I saw notes like a journal or plan and it said , childhood - therapist emotional sex

    • This is something you should ask her about. But why does it really matter? As you've said, the past is the past. She feels emotionally drawn to you. And you to her, right?

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  • i think you should ask her about it. she might not want to talk about it at first. trust is key in any good relationship be supportive of her she wil feel better with this heavy secret off her chest


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  • Could be, but doesn't have to be. Lots of girls don't view sex as an emotional thing.

  • I'm sure it's different for everyone. For me, it would probably be weird if I tried having sex with someone I didn't care for, or have some attraction to at the very least.


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