In what ways do you enjoy showing affection?

What is it that you do for your S/O to make them feel like you care? Also what do they do to make you feel cared for? Or what would you want your S/O to do for you to make you feel special?


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  • Physically. Hugs, kisses, touching her body, caressing her, etc. If she's around me, she's going to feel me at some point.

    Now, it's come to my attention that a combination of trauma and cultural norms on her end makes this a poor practice. Which sucks.

    To make me feel special, she has to reciprocate in some way. Like, give me attention when I don't expect it. Reach out, care, and even return that physical contact. When it's flowing two ways, that's an ideal relationship.


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  • By bringing them foods, kisses, hugs, food, kisses, food, hugs, coffee, hugs, coffee, sex.

    They just need to be there when I needed them. Like for example: when I have a mental breakdown, my dad just passed away a month ago so i cry very often, them being there already makes me feel loved.


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