I needs help please?

Ok there's is this girl and she is hot as hell but she's kinda rude. What should I do?

by the way I haven't asked her out yet


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  • Whatever you want?


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  • My reply will be a descriptive and different as well, please don't mind

    There is nothing wrong in wanting a woman who is physically very attractive say 9/10 but then as much importance you are giving to the looks, give the same or more importance to the personality aspect also.

    I mean there is no point in going for a woman who would be physically very attractive, but her personality is very ugly, say she has all the negative qualities, she is rude, arrogant and so on. In the long run it will difficult for any guy to stay with such a woman.

    Now what you can do is:

    1. You can go for a woman who is 9/10( physically attractive) but then make sure her personality is also equally attractive, for eg, sweet, nice, understanding , respects you and is polite also. This certainly would be best option, but I agree it's quite rare to find a woman who will give you both 9/10 in looks as well as personality, so it's possible that she may be 9/10 in looks but 8/10 in personality which is also very good, that means there will be some minor flaws in her personality, something that you won't mind and you can ignore.

    2. It depends on your ability to compromise, by that I mean if it's okay with you then you can compromise a little on looks and go for a woman who scores excellent on personality. Say 7/10 in looks but 9/10 in personality.

    Hence to tell you in short, if the woman in very attractive but is rude then you should never ask her out. That will my suggestion.


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  • If she's rude you probably don't want to date her. I mean, dating a hot girl is great for sex and such, but I doubt you'll want to deal with a rude personality for more than a few days.

  • Tell her to stop being a b.

    • Then she won't like me

    • It seems like you like her only cz she's hot. If she's rude then just move on. She probably knows she's attractive and so she feels she can act however

    • But she isn't rude to me she's rude to other people besides me

  • Ignore her and find a nicer crush.


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