Guys, I need help on thinking of second date ideas, what would you want to do?


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  • If he is taking you out on a date, prepare your mind for surprises, but if you are taking him out set out some surprises and fun.

    • Like what tho😂?

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    • Thanks you☺️We went to a movie for our first date but you can't do much talking so may aswell do soemthing where we can get to know one another more

    • The only way you get to know a person is to ask questions, tell your story and let him tell yours

  • Surprise him and take him wherever you like, pay for his bill and surprise him there too. Total impressive response guaranteed

    • thanks😊 Any date ideas?

    • Just do what you like, show him what you like. Really it'd strike him out very quick and would show him that you are ready to give your in too. It's impressive