He says he isn't ready for a relationship?

I've been seeing this guy for 6 months now and when we hangout everything is good. The other day I told him that I didn't think that we should see each other anymore because I felt like we wanted different things. I want an emotional connection/relationship with them while I feel like he just wants to be single and casually hook up with one specific person. He told me that he cares for me and is just trying to focus on himself, he says he's just not completely there yet to be in a relationship. He told me that if he was with anyone I would be the obvious choice but he's just not there. What are your opinions on this, honestly? Is this a valid excuse?


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  • I think he's full of shit. Don't put your life on hold. Tell him when he is ready to give you a call IF you're still single


What Girls Said 2

  • I believe you just wasted 6 months being around the guy. You should automatically know if you want a relationship either within a few hours to three weeks [ meaning him] . There is just no excuse for this on your end and his end. Time is wasting and life is short: MOVE ON.

  • I'm seeing a guy for 4 months now, he also thinks he isn't ready but continues to want to go out but then holds back... I personally want a relationship and I know both him and I have a connection. If you are willing to wait and you are okay with time passing by then just talk to him about it and let him know your thoughts. If he is a catch and deserves it then go with the flow. If you feel it won't move forward soon and you feel he doesn't deserve for you to give him so much patience then I say move forward.

    Hope I made some sense lol

    • Yes, you made perfect sense! And no, I don't think he's worth it because he has yet to even take me out on a date, I think I should let him go and let him realize his mistakes.

    • Be prepares for him to start reaching out If you try to distance yourself... it will confuse you more If you allow him to continue to bud in your life... this happened to me before. I Guess it is happening again But I am patient And open to dating other guys while he is there. Do the same, date other guys, do not feel GUILTY by doing so. I hope this Guy takes a hint for the better.