What do about my boyfriend?

So my boyfriend broke up with me and I tried so hard to move on but I just couldn't. I'd stare at him every time he passed by ignoring me, my friends shook their heads in disappoint... oh well. Well I got a text from him saying hi, and someone told him to talk to me. I was upset I'm like well nice to know you made the choice to talk to me. Not. He started being a jerk then I even told him he was being a dick. Well he and I are dating again... But the reason he broke up with me was because we didn't talk much. Well how do I make sure he stays and doesn't leave me again?
Also when I was basically begging I wanted to be his girlfriend he said but if we brake up again I don't want to break your heart again. So so sweet. I told him I'd do it again if it means getting him back. I love him all to much. Advice or tips? Also we hug but I can't well don't no how to kiss... Again tips? Advice?


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  • Young puppy love

    • Do you have any tips? It'd help a lot.

    • Kissing comes naturally take your time it does not take much to get the hang of it but not talking with each other too much is a pretty lame excuse to break up if he likes you I don't see any reason there would be for him to end the relationship if he likes you as much as you like him

    • Thank you, and I do agree with everything you said.

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  • If he breaks up with you again, don't try to get him back. He doesn't seem like a very good boyfriend honestly. As for kissing, it comes naturally. I forced my first kiss and it didn't go well. Just wait until the right moment when you kiss him.

  • You shouldn't have returned back to him. You should not beg for anyone, girl. Nobody deserves it.

    • Ik ik my friends tell me the same thing. I just really like him.

    • I am saying that for your sake. You will regret it eventually.
      Anyway, as for tips, if he was dissatisfied with the lack of communication, I'd advise you to talk to him more.
      As for kissing, it will come naturally, don't worry about that!