What should I do next?

So last Saturday I told this guy that I liked him at a party. I've known him for about 4 years now, but haven't seen him in about a year and I guess the realization just hit me that night. Anyway, he told me that he felt the same and wanted to see where things went and we exchanged numbers. He texted me later that night, talking about hanging out the next day once he got off work. Well he never contacted me, so Tuesday I decided to reach out. From there, he told me he was off Thursday (today) and Friday, and asked if I was free, I said yes. Well, I haven't spoken to him since and here it is - Thurs. My question is if I should reach out again, or just wait and see if he says anything? I should mention that he's always seemed like a genuine guy and doesn't strike me as the type to play games.
Thanks in advance :)


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  • I would wait. You reached out already. He may have just been being nice. At any rate if he IS interested, he will reach out next

    • Very true :-/ thank you!

  • Don't reach out. If he really wants you he'll do it himself. (Mind helping with my question))

    • Thanks :) and yes I'll check your question out