So today a girl I was interested in stood me up on a date to go f*** a friend of mine. Any advice?

Yep just happened about 4 hours ago me and a girl were supposed to meet at the gym to have a friendly game of basketball together and she never showed up I shot her a text to see what was going on and her text said that she forgot and that she would be to the gym in 30 minutes then I told her don't worry about it we'll just reschedule for tomorrow well I go to the community center for me and some of my friends usually meet and hang out at and one of my friends who I was kind of where he was interested in her too comes walking over to me and says yes sorry about your basketball game and ask him what are you talking about and then he told me the girl was with him that's the reason why she missed our date and the way he was acting the fact that you smell like he just f****** took a shower among some other pretty obvious signs has led me to believe that I got stood up so she can go f*** someone else. This is never happened to me before so I really don't know what to do like I'm so mad at myself and just mad in general it's not even funny and I just wish I knew what to do in order to make sure that this never happens to me again hopefully someone reading this have something nice to say and said saying something mean that I can truly benefit from


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  • Tell the girl you know what she did and cut her off.
    Also, what kind of a friend would do that to you?
    I mean I wouldn't expect much from a girl you just met...
    But from someone you call a friend , I'd expect the world.
    I wouldn't have much to say to either of them
    Sounds like you need to surround yourself with new people then this won't ever be a possibility again.


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  • There isn't really anything to do other than find someone else to date. I don't think you can stop it from happening again.

  • Move on you deserve so much better. Thank God you found out early what kind of person she is. Give it time you will find the right one this is just a sign she is not it. Be thankful you found out now before you did something stupid, and fucked her too. Now I can't promise you that you won't be hurt again in the future that's life unfortunately the good comes with the bad. Try not to get emotionally attached to someone until you know for sure the type of person they are. Also please don't be down on yourself celebrate go out, and meet someone who will be honest with you because it sounds like you just dodged a lot of heartache/bullshit in the future.


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