If he really likes me, why isn't he asking me out?

First thing is that I'm a shy girl. It's hard for me to ask guys out so try and give me a better suggestion! We're both 20, in college, and I've been interested in him for around 4 months but I hadn't made it clear until mid-January. I look into his eyes whenever we talk, sit near him when I can, smile, laugh at his jokes, use his name, play with my hair around him, touch him when I can, let him catch me looking at him, tease him, basically be as flirtatious as a shy girl can be. When he's around me, I constantly catch him staring at me (at first, he would look away quickly, but now he continues looking at me). He also fidgets with his clothes, smooths his hair, points his feet towards me, sits close to me, mirrors me often, makes small talk and enjoys making me laugh...I could go on and on. May I add that his pupils get extremely dilated, like he's on Ecstasy.

I've tried to be more touchy with him and we even spooned the other day, but still whenever we hang out nothing happens. We've never hung out just together and I would like to, but I don't know what to ask. I don't think he is very experienced with girls. I really want to ask him out but my social anxiety is getting in the way. Is there anything more I can do to hint that I like him, or a way that I can tell him? It sounds so easy to say, "Just go up and freaking tell him already!" but it feels like such a huge step for me. Any help is appreciated, thanks.


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  • lol, sounds like both of yall are in the same situation. your shy and he is shy. kinda in the same situation myself but one of you has to just tell the other so I say just bring it up casually or when yall hang out next be outgoing and grab his hand or something, its pretty obvious or just try to get it into a conversation"maybe say some guy is checkin you out and see his reaction and go from there" so many things... I realy need to pay attention to my own advice =P


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  • The next time you guys are spooning, turn around halfway and just kiss him

    All the signs say he likes you too...just too shy to do anything about it.